The Simple Gifts Collection
Dough Art Figures
By Trish Randal

Workshops for 2019 May 4th  - Pine Grove Farm, Cardington, Ohio
Fall Workshop to be announced soon!

Each figure from the Simple Gifts Collection is created from the heart and
hands of Trish Randal.  Using a simple recipe of bread and glue each 4-inch
figure is sculpted without the use of molds. Therefore, no two figures will ever
be the same.
Each has it's own spirit.
The figures are suitable for hanging on live or artificial Christmas trees.  
Stands are available so they can be displayed year ' round.  Most figures can
be personalized.  Those shown are only suggestions
My workshops encourage others to exercise their creative muscles while
learning the skills of creating figures with bread dough. Find out more about
scheduled classes on the
Workshop page.

To help celebrate thirty years of creating with bread dough many customers
have shared photos of their collections.  You will get a glimpse of how the
figures have changed through the years on the
Collections page.

As in the past, a portion of the proceeds generated by select figures is given
to charitable organizations that have touched my life.  I hope you will browse
these offerings and help make a difference.

There are many designs to choose from, but if you don't see what you are
looking for contact me or check the
Show Schedule  to see when I will be in
your area.


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