The Simple Gifts Collection


"Forty years ago I began a little craft business, making cute little
The cute little figures began to tell a story
and the story was mine

Two of my favorite figures from my own collection dedicated to two of my favorite people, my
Mom and Dad

A "Collection" is precious things you hold dear to  your heart.
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A Tea Party
Honoring Mom's 90th

"For my Dad"
The Lord is My Shepherd
Marleen's Schiefer's Collection
Marleen has been collecting since the early 90's.  She has over thirty one in her collection.  Each
year I make a new angel with lamb.  Marleen has them all!  Some are pictured here.


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One of the most challenging but fun projects
Cindi Hryck's cake toppers.  Note the dog
at the feet of the bride and groom to the left.  
He was the ring bearer.
Phyllis Reynolds
Snowmen and
Santa Collections
ote the six
Santas in the
"Vintage Santa
series" on the
top row.
What a beautiful
wreath Phyllis
created with
A Southwestern  Wedding
Collector Lorrie Smiley's
special requests for her dear
friend BJ
Penny Woehle's fun Christmas surprise
for her son and his new bride.  This was
a duplicate of their wedding attire!
Dear friend and collector, Mary Freund has
been collecting for her children and now
grandchildren since my early days of creating!  
These are four of my favorites!